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The Sound of Laura Gomes Cardoso

Aspiring Singer

For as long as she can remember, Laura Gomes Cardoso has been passionate about being a performer and professional singer. She has a passion for performing and loves the feeling of being up on stage and singing her heart out. Laura Gomes Cardoso is influenced by the likes of Leona Lewis and Adele; but her strong will, determination and natural talent are what drives her development and success to be the singer she aspires to be. Check below to get in touch with any questions about Laura Gomes Cardoso.

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About the Singer

Aspiring Singer

Laura Gomes Cardoso has been building her solo career as a talented Singer since 2011. She has been influenced by Brazilian/Portuguese/English cultures; singers such as Leona Lewis and Adele and the sound of her favourite instrument, the guitar. Laura aspires to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. Born and raised in London, she has grown around many forms of music but her passion are ballads. Her fondest memories of singing and dancing at a young age are at her mum’s salon, to Adele’s greatest hits, and twirling in the kitchen to Leona Lewis with her dad.
Her interests go beyond music – environment and health. Helping the world and making it a sustainable environment for us all is something she seeks to do. She also loves learning how we can maintain our bodies healthy to live a long and healthy lifestyle. Never being camera shy, Laura has taken part in various photoshoots in London and is currently in a choir (AKA singers). She has performed in the Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Town Hall with this choir many times. Her signature music style is a diverse collection of melodies and compositions based on ballads and pop.
She’s recently been to Los Angeles to take part in the programme ‘Vocal Star’ which allowed her to perform in front of many record labels. She covered three songs; Adele – When we were young, Nina Simone – Feeling Good and Ziv Zaifman – A Million Dreams. This programme also allowed her to partake in song writing which increased her creativity skills. The positive feedback, constructive criticism and 5 call backs have encouraged her to continue her adventure in music. Since she’s been back, she’s been at the studio covering various songs from different artists; but currently focusing on Rihanna song covers. This musician is on the rise, and nothing can stop her from achieving the success she works so hard for. Watch this space…

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